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Dr. Jennifer B. Bernstein

(516) 362-1929


Get valuable insights into the college application (and preparation) process; strategies you can easily implement to maximize your high school experience; techniques for effectively positioning yourself in your application; and eye-opening case studies that empower you to come up with your own compelling, creative, and authentic ways of standing out in the admissions process.


  • The online Get Yourself Into College® program is for students in 9th-12th grade (and their parents). I believe all students deserve access to high-quality knowledge and techniques for successfully navigating both the college preparation and application process.

It’s great to start the program in 9th or 10th grade because you’ll have more time to experiment with techniques and create an impressive track record for yourself. You can watch the modules on the essays and researching colleges now or you can wait until you’re in 11th or 12th grade.

However, students in 11th and 12th grade can also derive immense benefit from the program. You still have time to take meaningful, strategic action in relation to your interests. The modules on recommendations, writing application essays, and conducting high-level research on colleges will be especially useful for you. Inside the program, there are roadmaps specifically designed for juniors and seniors.

  • Students who derive the greatest benefit from the online program are self-motivateddriven, and drawn to DIY types of learning. However, I know that some parents buy the program and use it as a springboard for getting their students fired up about taking charge of their education.
  • The online program is designed for students who want the most affordable way of receiving my support

Working with me privately costs anywhere from $375 to $9000.

I dislike it when people hide their prices or force you to call them before revealing prices, so I want to be upfront with you. The online program is $325.

Yes, it’s still an investment, but I encourage you to scroll down and explore all the very important things you’ll learn in the program.

What I teach you in the modules can transform your high school experience into something that’s exciting and tailored to your specific interests, increase your chances of getting accepted to college, and help you earn substantial merit-based scholarships. In just one admissions cycle, my students were awarded over 1.9 million dollars in merit-based scholarships, including 9 full-tuition scholarships.






  • The program is infused with my unique insider’s perspective and experience.

I earned my Ph.D. in English and spent nearly 20 years immersed in the world of higher education. I’ve been an English professor, served on admission and hiring committees, and worked as an academic mentor to gifted freshmen and sophomores at an honors college. Over the years, I’ve successfully mentored thousands of students from a wide range of majors and backgrounds. I’ve also provided extensive support to undergraduates applying for prestigious scholarships, internships, and graduate schools, and I developed and oversaw an innovative internship program.

My own research on early American literature, philosophy, and religion has been awarded over $60,000 in funding from the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women. In other words, I know what it takes–professionally and personally.

My extensive experience with creating dynamic, engaging, and effective learning environments allows me to do something special.

I do more than just tell you what matters to colleges.

In the online program, I SHOW YOU how to take actions that enable you to fully tap into your potential, engage in activities that truly matter to you, and put together an amazing college application package.

  • But why did I create an online program instead of publishing a book?

Books related to the college preparation and application process are often outdated by the time they’re published. I update the online program every year. 

Many books on the market provide cookie-cutter advice and tend to focus on showcasing what other students have done.

The MAIN FOCUS in the Get Yourself Into College® online program is on YOU. Case studies are then integrated into the program in ways that get your creative juices pumping.

In books and other resources, sample student essays and other types of application material are shared without situating them within the broader context of the student’s package. This is problematic because college admissions officers are considering how all the pieces of your application fit together. I always try to provide you with plenty of contextual information and explain how you can apply it to yourself. 

  • What’s the difference between the online program and the many excellent free resources you can find online?

I share a lot of valuable free educational content related to college admissions and prep.

You may have found me through my articles on Edutopia or seen me quoted in the Huffington Post, U.S. News & World Report, or DailyWorth. Perhaps you’re here because you’ve watched my YouTube videos or read my blog posts. If so, you know that I always aim to provide you with as many useful insights and strategies as I possibly can.

Of course, there are plenty of other sources for really good free information.

The online program Get Yourself Into College® program is far more comprehensive and systematic. It provides you with a step-by-step approach to the college preparation and application process, and everything is in one easy-to-find place.

I want to stress something. The program is systematic but not formulaic.


The program features over 8 hours of content.

To make it easy for you to absorb these valuable insights, effective strategies, and inspiring case studies and navigate your way through the program, I’ve divided things up into four main modules. Each module consists of multiple sessions ranging from 3-20 minutes in length.

You can watch every single session in each module, or you can poke around and just zoom in on specific sessions. Do what works for you!


How to Earn Great Recommendations

“I wish I’d known about—and seen—these sessions when I was a freshman!”

Cornell Admit

Recommendations are a very important part of the college admissions process.  Unfortunately, many students do not learn what it actually takes to earn great recommendations until it’s too late to take effective action. Don’t put yourself at this kind of disadvantage. Use this module to learn exactly how to cultivate meaningful, authentic connections with your teachers and guidance counselor.

Learn. . .

  • Surprisingly important factors colleges consider when reading your recommendations 
  • How to present yourself to teachers and guidance counselors in new, more mature ways that are in alignment with your big goals
  • Strategies for assessing your strengths and weaknesses in relation to your recommendations
  • Techniques for capitalizing on your strong points and improving your weaker ones
  • Specific ways of helping your teachers and guidance counselor get to know you
  • How and when to ask for recommendations
  • Special considerations and advice for homeschooled students
  • And much more!



“Dr. Bernstein helped me arrange my curriculum vitae, so it would stand out and highlight my strongest points. Her subtle approach to `branding’ and shaping an application was incredibly helpful.”

Princeton Admit

Your curriculum vitae (CV) is the strategic foundation of your entire college application package. Everything starts falling into place once you create your CV and determine how you want to position yourself in the minds of admissions officers. In this module, you also gain access to case studies and see the actual format of some of my students’ CVs.

Discover. . .

  • Why your CV is essential to your success in preparing for—and applying to—college
  • How to create your CV and use it to structure your application
  • Strategies for distilling key accomplishments from your CV and showcasing them in the Common Application
  • How to use your CV to earn stronger and more specific recommendations
  • Techniques for using your CV to discover underlying connections between your experiences that you can write about in various parts of your application
  • How to use your CV to transform alumni interviews into really interesting conversations rather than dry, stressful Q&A sessions
  • A way to include CV in your application even though the Common Application no longer allows you to upload it directly



“Dr. Bernstein helped me discover how to restructure the scheme of my essay and add excitement without sacrificing my originality.”

Stanford Admit

You’ve probably heard all the banal advice about how to choose a topic. “Write about something that matters to you.” “Be yourself.” “Tell a story that no one else could tell.”

There’s truth to this generic advice, but it doesn’t help you find the right topic, angle, and focus. Even books featuring sample essays fall short because they don’t fully reveal how the application essays connect to the larger picture of the students’ applications. Your personal essay isn’t read in isolation; it must connect with the other parts of your application package.

My method simplifies the nerve-racking process of coming up with essay topics and teaches you powerful strategies for writing your college application essays.

Gain access to. . .

  • What admissions officers are really looking for in your application essay
  • Why colleges are interested in learning about your response to each of the Common Application essay topics
  • How to use your CV to come up with ideas for your essay
  • Strategies for coming up with interesting angles on assigned essay topics
  • Techniques for stimulating your creativity and making the writing process easier
  • Case studies for each Common Application essay topic



“The techniques I learned in this module helped me figure out exactly how to narrow down my scope and structure my essay. It saved me so much time. Dr. Bernstein is a lifesaver!”

Cornell Admit

Now it’s time to learn the strategies necessary for mastering the art of writing your college application essay. So many students struggle because they don’t understand how to effectively take admissions officers behind the scenes in their lives. They freeze up and can’t write, or they spend hours—even days—writing an essay that doesn’t wind up working. You’re going to avoid this pain.

Learn how to. . .

  • Illuminate your points through the use of anecdotes
  • Strike just the right balance between external and internal details
  • Find the right scope for your essay so that you can take admissions officers deep into the essence of your experiences and perspectives
  • Structure your application essay
  • Create great openings and conclusions
  • Avoid writer’s block


I developed this module because so many students only have a very superficial knowledge of colleges. Without a deeper knowledge, you put yourself at a disadvantage because you’re unable to effectively demonstrate your interest in schools and why you are a good fit for them. Just FYI, more and more schools are taking demonstrated interest into consideration in the admissions process.

Learn. . .

  • How to conduct high-level research on your colleges—the kind that gets you beyond the information shared in brochures and the front pages of school websites
  • Strategies for using this research to answer the “Why Us” question (that is part of many college-specific supplements) and avoiding the problem of sounding like everyone else


Registering for the program is super simple!

Just click the “Register Now” button and submit payment.

Right after paying, you’ll receive an email with instructions for logging into the program. You’ll have 24/7 access to the program.

Have questions about the program?

Send me an email, and I’d be happy to answer them.

I always love to hear from the students in my online program, so make sure to introduce yourself when you start and keep me posted on your progress.

From time to time, I offer special bonuses to students inside the online program. I might host a free group call to answer your specific questions or create new content to share with you.