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Dr. Jennifer B. Bernstein

(516) 362-1929

Get Yourself Into College™ for Juniors and Seniors

The Get Yourself Into College™ program gives you the step-by-step blueprint and expert guidance you need to increase your chances of earning admission to the right schools.

I reveal what really matters to admissions officers (and why these things matter to them); teach you strategies for creating a cohesive, exciting, and authentic application package that distinguishes you from the thousands of other students vying for admission; and grant you access to lots of case studies to get your creative juices pumping.


Get Yourself Into College™ for Freshmen and Sophomores

The strategic mentoring you receive in the Get Yourself Into College™ program helps you establish a very strong foundation during your first two years in high school.You learn strategies for taking the initiative and becoming an active participant in shaping your education, tapping into your potential, stretching past your limitations, and taking creative action on your interests. Along the way, I teach you my insider strategies for building meaningful connections with your teachers and guidance counselor, standing out in your classes, and making sure you have access to the kinds of educational and extracurricular opportunities that will eventually give you a competitive edge in the college admissions process.

This program is only available to a select group of students. CLICK HERE to schedule a free 20-minute Discovery Session so that we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit.